Dear MyBreastfriend Pillow

Dear MyBreastfriendPillow,

I am typing this too you whilst Omble lies on you feeding. I means I can type BOTH handed on my laptop while Omble breastfeeds and I dont have to worry at all about her positioning as its just perfect. It means I am free to get on with work (okay well blogging and faffing on twitter 😉 ) and suchlike while she feeds.


Me & Omble doing some work

In the early days you were perfect for helping me with positioning and latch as you freed my hands up to faff about with the “nose to nipple”, big wide open mouth, bringing them to latch on, (then they fall off and you start all over again) type malarky. Plus as Oddler was all tubed up it was really helpful on NICU as we had to keep her tubes out of the way and I had a spare hand to do it.

Your design is brilliant- the way you clip onto me and create a breastfeeding platform that the baby isn’t going to get wedged/fall into like with other breastfeeding pillows. The two raised bumps either side so Ombles head is raised and tilted to perfect position for a latch.  I’m really sorry you have been vomited and shat on by both my girls but your removable washable covers sort that out in no problem. Plus your handy pocket for my lansinoh, infacol, tv remote and a chocolate bar means this pillow is the most perfect breastfeeding assistance tool ever and I will never stop recommending you to breastfeeding mums.  You are ACE and I thought you needed to know it.

Lots of love


*I was not paid or asked to write this post at all- did it off my own bat because I genuinely think its an ace invention that could help other mums.


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