Dear Tantrumming Toddler

Dear Darling Tantrumming Toddler,
Before I became a mum I used to see other parents of you and judge them for ignoring and neglecting you and feel so sorry for the poor little screaming wailing kicking biting pinching ball of snotty fury.

And then I acquired one of my own. Now I get it. There is no reasoning with you, there is no point trying to pander to you/give in to you (you’ll thank me for that one day), I will do my best to distract you out of it before one starts and will always make sure you are safe while having one. But then my lovely angry ball of snotty fury I am just going to leave you to get on with it and once it’s over we will go back to sunshine and cuddles.

Oh but I might have to take a pic or two to embarrass you when you are older.


Your loving MummyCurd


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