Dear Sweat

Dear Sweat,
Last night you and I got rather well acquainted. Not generally being a fan of exercise means such an experience is a rarity for me.

I had a 24 hour fever thing, I was either sweating buckets and being a sticky uncomfortable mess or I was shivering uncontrollably and trying to keep warm.

It was rather unpleasant but not associated with any other signs of illness so I shall count my blessings on that front.

Anyhow sweat you are a rather clever homeostatic device aintcha (I knows my biology I does). All that water helping to cool my fevered skin down. I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever sweated so much in my life- not even when LordCurd and I forgot the time in that sauna in Budapest. 😉

I had to put a towelling bathrobe on to try and contain the pools. But thankfully this morning it feels like the fever has broken. I feel like an dried out knackered old raisin but I feel vaguely human now too.

Today’s mission- rehydration and rest. Hope the sweating, dehydration and general illness hasn’t affected my breastmilk. Sweat-you are clever but bugger off now for a bit okay, I’ve got a baby to feed.

LadyCurd who desperately needs a shower.


3 responses to “Dear Sweat

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  2. francespringle

    Ha Ha! When I had a delightful stay in hospital over Christmas they had to peel me off the bed I had sweat that much. Poor baby was probably drinking curdled breast milk!

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