Dear Tramp in the Street

Dear Tramp in the Street,

Today I saw you and you reminded me so much of my dad, tears came into my eyes. I spoke to my mum and told her about you and she said she nearly went up to another version of you in the street and hugged you and my brother had to stop her. I suspect this will happen to us alot. Such things make me happysad.

This may sound odd to anyone who wasn’t the proud owner of a tramplike father but this is how my dad was. So you keep an eye out for the man pottering about with scruffy trousers held up with string, with a moth-eaten jumper, a battered hat and a big beard and glasses held together with Sellotape you never know it might be International Spy Dad.

In fact next time I see you I might have to ask.

Lots of love



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