Dear Woman in my Avatar

Dear Woman in my Avatar,

I chose you because you inspire me. You were on a card I nicked from my mum’s cardbox as a teenager. When I split up from the first boy I thought I actually loved (Who actually turned out to be a gaslighting fuckwit) I wrote in the card a list of reasons to get over him, and it helped. It did take a time because in a way he was emotionally abusive and scars from those relationships can run deep, but he is now an insignificant memory in my life. I did keep your card for many years in my memory box but a couple of years ago I scanned you in and got rid of the original card- I sort of regret that now as I know the back of the card had the history about you and google isn’t helping me so if anyone knows who the woman in my avatar is please tell me!

You seem to be a sparky fearless type- a fly by the seat of your pants kinda girl, I admire that in you (but I hope you aren’t recklessly dangerous *worrying overprotective mummyhead*)

I also love how you clearly challenged the gender stereotypes of your time, it is something we all should try to do after all gender isn’t necessarily binary.

When I first chose you as my avatar a lot of people thought you were riding on a vibrator when so obviously it’s a bomb. But I kinda like that you are subversive like that. I suspect you are a confident sexual woman who takes no prisoners (well unless they want to be taken ;)).

So today you are one of my many Inspirational Woman for International Woman’s day.

Lot’s of love


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