Dear Teeth

Dear Teeth,

I’m rather attached to you but clearly I don’t take as good a care of you as I should as yet again I need a filling or two. ūüė¶

My parents have the worstest ever teeth so I would like to blame my genetics combined with a terrible sweet tooth. Sugar in my tea/coffee and too many sweet things.  I do brush you with supermaximum strength prescription only fluoride toothpaste but I can be as guilty as the next person of not flossing very often or always using mouthwash on you. This needs to change and fast if I want to actually keep all my own teeth for the next 50 years or so that I will hopefully be living.

I don’t want to end up like my grandma with my teeth in a jar of water beside the bed firmly clamped around a murray mint.

No more excuses- the poor dental hygiene stops here.  Back to sweeteners in my tea, sugar free drinks, fewer sweets etc and a proper teeth cleaning routine including floss and mouthwash and a sparkling smile. #operationsavemyteethintooldage is a go! (and maybe the removal of the tongue piercing will also help).

Lots of love and teeth kisses (except that is a rude offensive gesture-oops).


An actual mould of my teeth which for some reason I kept in a memory box!


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