Dear Emo’s

Dear Emo’s,

I am devastated that in Iraq some of you are being persecuted for expressing yourself. Many of you have lost your lives in brutal stonings. This is utterly utterly horrific (link).

I was a gothic type from 11-19 and I appreciate I was incredibly lucky to only ever really experience verbal abuse for the way I looked (although many of my friends were often seriously beaten up).

I hate that society attacks people for being different and it’s something I fight against every day in the work that I do.

I promise to bring my girls up to be tolerant and respectful of all of life’s wonderful subcultures and I promise I will carry on fighting discrimination and bring them up to carry on the fight too.

I am so so very sorry  and I hope that one day we will see a future where people are free to be themselves, openly and honestly without fear of attack  or persecution.

Lots of Love


P.S I just rejoined Amnesty as realised my membership had lapsed. Perhaps those reading this might think about doing same.


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