Dear Scary Mary- an appeal for eyes

Dear Scary Mary,

You need new eyes and I can’t work out where best to get them for you as the local doll’s hospital has closed.

You were my grandma’s Roddy doll, always at her house ready to play with when we visited, and when she died I got to keep you. I have had you since I was 7  now my little girls get to have you.

But lets face it – your eyes are utterly chilling- they are supposed to close when you are laid down but that capability ended long ago. Now one eye points into you head- looking at your plastic soul. The other looks pointedly at a jaunty angle as if to say “I was fun once”.

I need to fix these for you as let’s face it- your name Mary really doesn’t need the Scary prefix anymore but frankly you are terrifying.

But where can I help you see again and restore you to your former glory?

This now is a #LadyCurdQuest.

Lots of love


P.S This letter is now part of a bloghop


4 responses to “Dear Scary Mary- an appeal for eyes

  1. This is the funniest post I’ve read all day. Mary makes Chucky look like an angel.

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