Dear Young Couple On the Train

Dear Young Couple on The Train,

Well I say young but you were early twenties so old enough to know better, but younger than me anyhow.

Why exactly did you feel the need to stare at me and whisper pointedly and giggle as I breastfed my baby girl on the train home this afternoon?  You did not see even the slightest hint of nipple or breast for I am well practised in the art of discrete feeding.  My daughter maybe a noisy feeder due tongue issues but the noise of the train definitely drowned them out.

So I can only assume you are not used to the sight of a baby being fed in the biologically normal way and such a sight caused you too need to be so rude and make me feel quite uncomfortable. I wish I had said something now in my best teacher tone but I was knackered – it had been a pretty stressful day taking a newborn to a very important work meeting and to be honest I just wanted to get home.

It made me sad you clearly were so socially inept when confronted with a nursing mother- I am not a circus freak or rare mythical creature, breastfeeding mothers do exist just not as commonly in public often due to reactions like yours. You should know that I have a legal right to breastfeed in public. So I suggest next time you see a woman like me you smile or you look away. Anything other than the childish behaviour you exhibited today.

Of course you could just have been laughing at the copious baby vomit on my shoulder and down the back of my smart black work cardy that I hadn’t noticed?! Sigh.

Whatever it was, you were extremely rude and need to grow up and get some manners.

Yours sincerely


P.S But to all the lovely grumpy commuters who went out of their way to smile at frazzled me as I navigated train and tube- thankyou!


4 responses to “Dear Young Couple On the Train

  1. Wow. I’m sorry that happened, you know my feelings on the subject!

    • Yep, really great post btw- feel free to link it here. I kinda wish I had said something but they really could just have been laughing at the unnoticed sick on my shoulder! If they had said something to me, at that time all I would have managed would have been a shouted “fuck off” and then bursting into tears! 😀

  2. That’s not cool. I know Mrs L is already apprehensive about breastfeeding in public (she hasn’t had any call to as yet, but intends to) and people like this are just confirmation that not everyone is mature enough to deal with it.

    • Breastfeeding in public gets easier at about 6weeks when the pesky little mites are easier to latch on without using three arms and baring all to do it. Then at around 4 months the pesky little mites are often more interested in world around them so will often launch off from the nipple to have a good stare about flashing you to all and sundry. But mostly breastfeeding in public is fine. Vest underneath, top on top- one up one down and a waterfall cardie or a shawl and hey presto no-body sees anthing. Wish MrsL. all the best from me. 😀

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