Dear Julia Roberts

Dear Julia Roberts,

I have been told several times by different blind people that I look like you, including a bonkers midwife when I was heavily pregnant with Oddler who wouldn’t stop going on about it and kept calling her mates into look at me and agree with her!? which they clearly didn’t but were too polite to disagree.

I really can’t see it myself although I suppose we both have an unusually wide smile grimace , hairy armpits, and possibly the nice eyebrows (I do have a thing about nice eyebrows), but it is terribly flattering all the same after all you are a rather beautiful individual.

But anyhow I was writing to offer to be your body double if you ever end up playing a frumpy grumpy knackered British mum of two tinies, or you could even research the role using me.

Just keep it in mind anyhow- a girl has to try and make her life more interesting somehow.

Lots of love


P.S We have same taste in glasses, I think in reality that is where the resemblance ends.


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