Dear Pink

Dear Pink,
You are the colour of cooked ham and raw chicken,
Of sunsets and strawberry ice-cream,
Of expressed breast milk from a breast with a bleeding nipple crack.
Of flamingos, fromage frais, body parts and biscuit wafers.

You can even be the colour of a London pigeon:

But for pityinpinks sake you are not the only colour my little girls can or should wear, so be vanquished you girls clothes retailers with your rail upon rail of insipid pink frilliness.

Pale pink as a colour you scream at me – weak feeble bland mild boring generic and stereotypical, and my girls are none of those things, my girls are fearless adventurers, loud, excitable, fun and giggles- they need bright bold hardwearing colours of awesome to reflect that.

Not you.

You should be banned, or at the very least as rare as a pink pigeon of any gender.

From LadyThePinkistCurd


4 responses to “Dear Pink

  1. BabyGeek wears mainly scandinavian clothes – lts of bright colours, sometimes she chooses an outfit that looks like it’s been vomited up by a pink fairy, but then the next outfit is her brothers hand me down dinosaur top.

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