Dear Woodwards Gripe Water

Dear Woodward’s Gripe Water,

You are the solution to all my problems even my issues with my mother in law. I adore you, you instantly calm a screaming gripey baby down, and you just got a complete dummy refuser to take a dummy for the first time ever giving my poor shredded nips some much needed respite.

However I have a major issue with getting hold of you at the minute, there is a worldwide shortage of you and I am fast running low of my stocks. I’m in a panic and need to start a #ladycurdquest for some more.

Please please hurry back into my life and continue to be the answer to everything.

Yours infused with Dill

P.S Update 24/5/12 ITS BACK IN STOCK I SAW SOME YESTERDAY. YIPPEE!  Except now past the colicky stage with Omble so I don’t need it anymore- still have a bottle spare too.


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