Dear James McAvoy

Dear James McAvoy,

As you know I love you, you are top of my laminated list (and Lord Curd bears a passing Ginger resemblance so yay only reason I married him!).

One day I know we will totally have a night of pure unbridled passion together once you lift the restraining order.

But I have to inform you that this morning I realised that currently if I had to choose between a night with you or sleep, I would choose sleep. Soz about that. Call me when Omble is sleeping through yeah?

Lots of Love



8 responses to “Dear James McAvoy

  1. Very funny. I’m trying to imagine a ginger version though!

    • I have a photo to prove it but he would probably kill me for posting it. The rest of the time he looks like fry from Futurama.

  2. i thought he seemed lovely and then heard he is a *total* arse. really, really rude & really full of himself :/

    • That’s okay I just want a long night in bed with Sleep instead. *weeps into pillow at the shattered dreams*

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  4. Reblogged this on mmromance and commented:
    A cute letter to James…

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