Dear Mumsnet Bloggers HQ

Dear Mumsnet Bloggers HQ,

Mum told me yu haff two rite thankyu letters straite away wen yu get a present. She’s very strickt about it.

So hear is my letter- thankyu very mutch for makeing my blog Mumsnet Blog Of The Week
I am dead chuffed and very eggsited and probbabbly wont sleep twonite as I plot more evil letters, so Mum says thanks. She finks I neeed moor sleep coz my dolly Omble keeps me up all nite.

Lots of love and gumdrops

Lady Over Excited Little Girl with shocking spelling that her mother needs to sort out Curd

P.S This is bettre than getting my yello brade in swimmin but not as gud as wen Daffyd in class 2 said he wanted to be my boyfrend.


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