Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

Yesterday you were one month old and on that day made Mumsnet Blogger of the Week which was a lovely 1/12th of a year old birthday present (but don’t push it for a pressie every month- no-one likes a greedy blog.)

I’m pretty proud of you and I am having a lot of fun with you at the minute. You are definitely helping keep me sane whilst I navigate life trying to balance Oddler the Toddler, Omble the almost 3month Old, Lord Curd the Grumpy Sleep Deprived, supporting my bereaved mum and bro,  do my awesome amazing job as awesomely and amazingly as I can, and dealing with the SHIT that keeps getting thrown at me I think I must have been Satan in a past life and this is karma biting me on the arse or something  (the latest being Oddler’s Chicken Pox).

This will be my 74th Letter- meaning I clearly write 2.39 letters a day (yikes!) not sure I will be keeping up that pace as Omble stops living on the boob and Oddler stops napping but for the minute I enjoy typing away as Omble feeds and Oddler sleeps.

My top 5 favourite letters in the last month are

a) Dear International Spy Dad

b) Dear Fungus The Bogeyman

c) Dear ASBO Baby

d) Dear Very Very Out Of Date Purple Condom

e) Dear Oddler and Omble- for International Woman’s Day

Those aren’t the favourites of the readers  but sod yer I’m not doing it for you. Or am I?

Lots of Love

Lady Mostly Maintaining Sanity Curd


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