Dear Show Me Show Me

Dear Show Me Show Me,

Why Oh Why are you no longer on Cbeebies? You were the one program guaranteed to stop Oddler in her tracks usually from chewing wires at back of television, or posting my credit cards down gaps in floorboards, you were the half hour a day I was guaranteed peace, quiet, a cup of tea and finally the chance to dash for an unaccompanied quick wee.

Sigh, I am finding I am really bereft without Chris & Pui childminding my Oddler especially now Omble is here requiring lengthy sit down breastfeeds- I’m in desperate need of more toddlertainment (whether that is an amalgamation of toddler & entertainment or containment I’m not sure).

Thankfully we had 6 episodes of Show Me Show Me recorded which are an absolute lifesaver at the moment. Except my Poxy Toddler (literally- she has chicken pox) has demanded “Show me Show Me” all day today. We have watched all 6 episodes some of them twice! She hasn’t wanted to watch or do anything else. In absence of being able to leave the house, and her being poorly and grumpy it is prudent not to do much else.

So please Show Me Show Me come back to Cbeebies. My Oddler and my sanity needs you.

Lots of Love


P.S Can I have MomoBot’s autograph? I really love her cybergoth appearance.


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