Dear Easter Bunny

Dear Easter Bunny,

Just writing to you to clarify the rules for next weekend following a conversation with Lord Curd:

Me: Is it wrong to steal your daughter’s Easter chocolate?

LordCurd: Yes.

Me: What about the chocolate of the daughter who can’t eat yet?

LordCurd: No that’s okay.

That’s correct right? I mean I’m breastfeeding so she will still get all the Easter chocolatey goodness and won’t miss out at all. I mean it only seems fair really.

If that is the case, if you could make sure the toddler and the 3month old get at least equal shares if not the baby getting extra as we need to fatten her up a bit then that would be awesome.

Lots of sweet toothed love



3 responses to “Dear Easter Bunny

  1. Totes necessary for breastfeeding mummy to eat all the baby’s chocolate. I plan to, but hub says the 21 month old can eat her own 😦

    • 21month olds should never have chocolate it rots their teeth. You would be doing her a favour not to let her have it.

  2. Hi easter bunny thanks you so much give me gifts I like my treats and gifts and I am very very very sorry leave carrot for you last night? I think have don’t any time last night? I just going to bed for ready post to going to church this morning? I try to be rember leave carrot for you? I hope you have a great night? Will you type email to me back please if you have a time to night? I hope talk to you soon? from Nicole #1 pinky gigles

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