Dear Internet, I’m leaving you

Dear Internet,

After I wrote this letter about how your popularity makes me feel I have decided that I’m leaving you. I loved you once but you changed.

There is no-one else unless you count my addiction to crap TV, it’s just our relationship isn’t what it used to be, and to be quite honest the sex has gotten terribly dull.

It’s probably you and not me, I just need some space and other cliches.

Maybe one day in the future we can be friends. You can have the kids, I’ll keep Curd Hall. Think that’s a fair deal.


Your former lover


P.S Presses publish on this letter before 12pm on today’s date.


4 responses to “Dear Internet, I’m leaving you

  1. francespringle


    • What’s the date today love?

      • francespringle

        I’m a fool!

      • *giggles* quite chuffed I managed to fool anyone tbh although to be fair you are a new follower & you probably didn’t realise mine and the Internet’s relationship is solid -we are like “that” *does crossed finger gesture to show how entwined we are* 😉

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