Dear Overthinking Brain

Dear Overthinking Brain,

Today I re-noticed this magnet that has been on our fridge for two years since it came as a comedy babycare set when Oddler was born.


And I found myself worrying whether the female babysitter was CRB checked, whether she had references and wondering why they were judging on appearances, after all she could easily be a pedophile & the tramp babysitter could be a highly qualified Norland Nanny who had fallen on hard times. Then I found myself worrying about the implicit gender stereotyping in the magnet where only women can satisfactorily fill caring roles. Then again am I assuming the “female” babysitter is female just because she has long hair and in fact am I now being sexist and gender stereotyping!?

To top it all off I then worried new parents might take the magnet seriously and judge a potential babysitter on whether they looked nice& friendly rather than whether they actually were nice &friendly, had satisfactory references, relevant experience, possibly a CRB check and first aid certificate and were able to actually do the job and be entrusted with their precious children.

Um all that just while waiting for the kettle to boil!

So dear weirdly overthinking brain of mine, please stop. You’ll give yourself a stroke. Or at least overthink about important issues like world peace and curing AIDS not joke fridge magnets you loser.

Neurotically yours



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