Dear Chicken Pox

Dear Chicken Pox,

As Viruses go you ain’t so bad, was expecting you to be a lot worse to be honest. I know you can be in some cases but thankfully you have only succeeded in causing minor irritation for Oddler despite her being covered in spots from head to toe.

The most irritating thing about you was that Oddler has had to miss 2.5days of nursery so far but am pleased to learn via twitter that the Department Of Health Guidance is to to kept off for 5 days from first spot appearing so long as they are crusted over meaning Oddler can go back this week and not the two weeks off I was envisaging.

Anyhow thankyou for not being to horrible on my eldest daughter and now hopefully making her immune. We needed a bit of a break so cheers. Not sure if you are currently incubating in Omble, I’m told you may struggle due to my antibodies from breastfeeding, so sorry about that. I wouldn’t mind Omble getting a mild case like you out of the way too. But if not no doubt we’ll be seeing you again in a few years.
Send us a postcard from your travels.

Poxily yours,



3 responses to “Dear Chicken Pox

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  2. francespringle

    My baby hasn’t got them yet, where they have been incubating in my middle one for 2 weeks after he got them from eldest. From one spotty family to another… Good Luck!

    • Do you want the baby to get it? I’m having a dilemma with mine. She’s only 12weeks and already on 4th cold!

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