Dear Milky Coffee

Dear Milky Coffee,

Currently you are the absolute highlight of my day. Especially when Lord Curd brings me one in bed but less so when I spill you all over said bed and have to spend a day trying to get the stain and smell out of memory foam. Sigh.

I’m not sure what it says about me that you are the highlight of my day life at the moment.
Sleep deprived? Check.
Mouth like a badger’s arse? Check.
Banging dehydration headache from feeding all night? Check.
Not left house in days due to Chicken Pox to do anything else “Highlightworthy”? Check

But yeah I love your instant coffee flavoured goodness (I am a proper coffee philistine and proud- I will drink it and usually enjoy it but I much prefer a mug of instant milky coffee goodness). You aren’t quite the same now I am putting Stevia in you instead of sugar to save my teeth but we are getting used to that.

Crucial thing is you always come with a spoon. It’s a weird thing of mine that- any hot drinks must have a spoon in throughout. I drink you with the spoon in, I tell people I enjoy the added adrenaline rush of possibly poking my eye out, but the reality is I’m just weird like that. Can make it much easier to identify my washing up too which was a bit annoying as a student.

Anyhow that’s enough waxing lyrical about you, I’m off to make one. In the meantime I thought I would share a pic of you in all your glory.

“Coffee Porn”

Caffienatedly Yours

Lady Douwe Eggberts coz you get to keep and reuse the snazzy jars Curd


7 responses to “Dear Milky Coffee

  1. inagainoutagain

    Dear LadyCurd,

    I understand. I understand so deeply that a few weeks ago I also felt the need to post a photo of my beloved coffee on the net and wax lyrical about the daily highlight of my day.

    I’m off for one now.

    Coffee love,

    Lady (French) Mustard
    (alias Inagainoutagain, must get round to explaining that one…)

    • Dear Lady Mustard,
      Is your blog name a reflection on your sex life? Sympathies if so! 😉

      Haha on the matching blog posts (yours is far better but my mug is much nicer :p) now I’m worried there are only a finite number of things to blog about. *worries about running out*

      Love LadyCurd

      • inagainoutagain

        Dear LadyCurd,

        No, that could have been a fascinating blog post had it been about sex. Instead, my blog name is a result of having to come up with something FAST when my internet-whizz friend set my blog up 4 years ago. The nickname my dad gave me when I was littl’un was Inagainoutagain because I was non-stop in and out of the house and my middle name is Imogen. I didn’t work out the sexual connotation until I was 34.

        There may well be a finite number of things to blog about. Panic. Have you blogged about a balloon? Spiderman pants? Pop-out breastfeeding bras?

        Anyway, I’m glad that your April Fool’s post was just an April Fool’s post.


        Lady Mustard

        PS: I prefer my cup. Moomins. What more could anyone want from a cup?

      • Dear LadyMustard,
        Best nickname ever then! Mine is just getting embarrassing now! People unfollowed me because of it and my Avi!
        Moomins are pretty cool will give you that.
        Love LadyCurd

      • P.S I have kind of done a spiderman costume post (see Dear SpiderPoliceDelBoy Oddler) but your other suggestions now in too do list 😉

  2. francespringle

    Mmmm nice mug *pulls perv face*

    • 🙂 we have it in espresso version too which is very cute. I love em. The girls got them for LordCurd’s 30th. Never owned really posh and stupidly expensive mugs before but I fell in love (more a present for me than him it seems- ahem!) Watch me break them! Yikes.

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