Dear Potty Training

Dear Potty Training,

Today things were looking promising with you with Oddler demanding to sit and read on her potty:


And then not so much:

“Potty’s make excellent crowns”

Ah well no rush as Oddler insists on changing her own nappies these days anyway (which is fine if not shitty) so it’s not like it’s any hassle having two tinies in nappies!

Yours excretally



6 responses to “Dear Potty Training

  1. We have that crown – BabyGeek loves it. She also loves standing next to it, weeing and then yelling “wee wee wee” until I clean it up.

  2. I am about to start training with Youngest. I say “about to start”. I have been “about to start” for well on a year.
    Training Eldest was painful, but he did prove to be quite a poet (“look, Mummy, that wee is shaped like a heart”, “that poo is like a rainbow!” I think if you can see hearts and rainbows in poo and wee, it’s a way to good start in life)

  3. Sorry, very odd word order there! Meant to put “it’s a good way to start in life”

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