Dear Labour Playlist

Dear Labour Playlist,

I decided to listen to you again this morning.  I was totally organised anal, You had a nice relaxing section, then a more energtic section and even a pushing stage aerobic music kinda section!  Maybe I really overthought it but it was awesome to listen to you whilst giving birth to Omble.  But um today I realised there are some frankly bizarre and amusing songs to give birth too on there so I thought you needed to know my randomest and weirdest song choices out of the 250 songs I had on my list. 🙂

The Final Countdown (In the end it was a 3hour labour- so not a long countdown)

Salt N’Pepa: Push it Push It (I didn’t even feel to push- 5 minute pushing stage- my body took over- she kind of glided out thanks to a fanjo that had previously birthed a 2lb heavier baby!

Kings of Leon: Sex on Fire (it was! Ouch! Thank heavens for Gas and Air)

Queen of Japan: I was made for loving you (Slushy but I was made for loving her. I knew she was a she :D)

ATB: Til I come (erm seriously Orgasmic Birth I did NOT have! )

Bony M: Daddy Cool ( I remember giggling when this one came on and shouting at Lord Curd- this one was for him!)

The Ting Tings- Shut up and let me go (Bet Omble was thinking that- stop your screaming woman and get me out of here!)

As Playlists go you will always make me smile- so thankyou.

Love in Labour and Beyond



4 responses to “Dear Labour Playlist

  1. I had Prodigy – breathe, and guns n roses sweet child o mine on my labour playlist. Unfortunately no time for music, the soundtrack I had was midwife screaming down the phone “tell her not to panic, tell her not to panic, there’s a paramedic on the way. DON’T PANIC”

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