Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,

When you are old I hope you  have learned that saying to the mother of a newborn “oooh she looks just like my nan who has had a stroke” is maybe not the thing she wants to hear. Even if it is the truth.   It was the gurning you see.  In my head I was simply fascinated by the identical basic brain behaviours in both a newborn and elderly brain.  But yeah- I hope you have now learned that “oooh isn’t she the cutest thing ever” or words to that effect is a more appropriate response.

Anyhow when you are old I really hope you look like this, all wrinkled, wise and gurning and a bit scary.  Because that would be cool and wrinkles are awesome. I’m stopping applying my “woman of a certain age” nightcream in anticipation

Lots of gurning love


P.S I have NO idea where this picture of FutureMe came from.  If anyone does please tell me- I’d like to credit it!


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