Dear Dr Who

Dear Dr Who,

If you happen to be passing my house, in my universe, in my time, dya think you could pick me up? I’m getting a little bit bored of the relentless screaming mostly mine the poonami’s, spewmageddons and lack of sleep that mostly makes up my life right now,  and I feel in need of an escape adventure.

Here is my CV- I think you will agree I make an excellent sidekick candidate  although the ‘not being very good at running’ maybe a disadvantage.

  • I’m a scientist specialising in zoology, parasitology and reproductive physiology.  I could gently biologically control alien species.  I’m totally up for helping you Myxo the Daleks.
  • My reproductive knowledge could come in useful if you wanted more timelords- I mean it’s not like you guys are pandas is it? Ahem.
  • I’m not at all embarrassed to be seen with a man in a Fez, wearing a tweed jacket, braces and a bow tie (after all it would help me not miss Lord Curd so much).
  • I like custard (and can work on the fishfingers)

I look forward to hearing from you if my application is sucessful (and if it’s not howabout you dropping by for a cup of tea and some cake and a cheeky snog you’d be very welcome especially if there is snogging involved)

Yours excitedly



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