Dear Teenager Writing Angst Ridden Poetry

Dear Teenager Writing Angst Ridden Poetry,

One day Future You will find your angst ridden poetry notebook and decide to publish it on the internet which doesn’t even exist yet in your world.  So I suggest you ensure that all traces of your angst ridden shite poetry are destroyed so that Future You can’t so cruelly take the piss.  Especially as you really are far too middle class and mentally sound to even pretend to be a miserable emo depressive Goth. You total and utter loser.

Love LadyFutureYouThatIsACompleteBitchForPublishingYourInnermostAngstCurd


I kill for fun
Machine Gun crowds
Bomb cities
decimate, incinerate, decapitate
it brings me pleasure
until there is no-one left.
All is dead

animal, vegetable, mineral
I am left
One thing left to kill

I must be cunning
Catch it unawares
for how does one kill time?


What a heart betrayed
a mind will heal
to numb the mind
destroy the body
a body will heal
but the scars of the soul
will never stop burning


I wrote her name in fingertips on frosted glass
As the sun rose my love disappeared
the intensity of our love destroyed
lost forever in the gutters*

*not entirely sure I wrote this one but can’t find a source either. Anyone?


A heart begins to grow
A space evolves
A compartment materialises
The emotions expand
Overspill their confinement
Until the end
the structure so huge
collapses upon itself
and a tiny star remains


Dull and tarnished
dreams which once
glisten with
emerald ideas
A map has been
found for the
labyrith of
my dreams
& the soft glow
becomes harsh white
my mind numb
my innocence dead
reality is fake
fake is reality
sounds reverberate
in my hollow soul


Clear the cobwebs from the dark mind attic
Sort out the memories to be looked at later
“You never know when they might come in useful”
Sell fragments of the soul
“5 for a £1 – Bargain”
Give away emotions freely
“you might use it more that I do”
Repar the creaking hinge on the door
Access becomes easier
And once the skull is a scrubbed white shining hollow
you are cured


Alice down the Rabbit Hole
By fingernails she hangs
onto the cliff
at the abyss
of her heart
terrified to let go
and fly through emotions
scared to look down
and see the future
and petrified
of hitting the bottom


Dreams that spill into reality
are a threat to humanity
and those that defy normality
are said to have lost their sanity



10 responses to “Dear Teenager Writing Angst Ridden Poetry

  1. I shouldn’t be chuckling…. but I am ! You should go emo more often!

    • Hehe. I have a short story am tempted to post as version 2 of this letter! Teenage me was convinced one day they’d end up published so this is kind of me making her dreams come true, whilst making me cringe in process!

  2. biscuitsarenothealthybutwhocares

    Love this post, and the poetry! (but then I am a cultural heathen)

  3. They’re really profound, LadyCurd. Really, umm … interesting!

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