Dear Buddha

Dear Buddha,

I hope you don’t mind but you appear to be Oddler’s adopted euphemism for vulva which she simply can’t pronounce at the moment. (and um “Buddha Bottom” as unfortunately I suspect nursery has been calling it “Front Bottom” sigh).

I had all this angst about the name (see here) and had decided since writing it that we definitely were going to use the proper name (virtually every bathtime is naming body parts game at the minute- she knows all the basics incredibly well and I recently also taught her armpit, ankle and vulva) but she definitely can’t say vulva it’s coming out as Buddha despite trying to work on her pronunciation and feeling very silly trying:

Me: Not quite darling “Vull Vah, now you try,
Her: “Bud Har”
Me: “Vulva”
Her: “Buddha”
(repeat ad nauseum but no improvement in pronunciation)

Of course she is now causing further angst that her name for vulva may offend Buddhists as obviously would be the absolutely last thing we’d want. We will of course be persevering with teaching her to pronouce the name correctly. Sigh.

I genuinely hope dear Buddha you will not be offended by this innocent toddler naming- after all it is a wonderful part of the human body, and although as a family we do not follow a religious faith if we did it honestly it would most likely be yours. We plan on sharing with our children all the different faith options and allowing them to choose for themselves a faith, if any, to follow. So maybe this actually is Oddler’s start on a religious path? She loves to do Yogo on Waybuloo too?

Yours faithfully



5 responses to “Dear Buddha

  1. Yes, I’m sure it’s quite possible she’s such a genius that she’s trying to make you aware of her religious choices. Maybe she’s thinking she knows all her body parts and she’s fed up of talking about them!! ;0) If I was going to ‘choose’ a religion I think it’d probably be Buddhism too. Wise girl x

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