Dear Marching Boots


Dear Marching Boots,

I am polishing you off. My wonderful dad got me into protesting from a young age (see photo below of me on the Miner’s strikes in the 1980’s. My claim to fame is mini me met Arthur Scargill!)

A few months before he died, I was telling my dad about the Dorries amendment and he went mad- I was so surprised- I never had him down for a pro-choice activist but he got him and all his pensioner friends writing letters to their MP’s. It was brilliant and inspiring. He told me “LadyCurd, a woman’s right to choose is something I will always put my marching boots on for.”

And so for my dad, for my rights and my girls, and for women, I am getting on my marching boots:

Step one- the wake up call- a letter to UK abortion rights.

Second step- Joined Abortion Rights- The National Pro-Choice Campaign.

Step Three- Signed this petition to get rid of the second doctors signature.

Step Four- wrote this and supported organising a counter demo celebrating 44years of access to safe legal abortion in my home town.

Step Five- Attended counter demo with Omble which was sucessful. “Honk if you support a woman’s right to choose” got lots of honks and lots of cheers. My marching boots of choice were a very fetching pair of black and white wellies as it had been raining that morning.  Of course it didn’t rain all demo and I looked a twit in my wellies in the centre of town holding my #umbrellaforchoice (an umbrella with lots of prochoice slogans pinned to it).

Step Six- Wrote this to women (&Partner’s) who regret their abortion and this to my political baby

Am going to add to this letter as I march my other steps although for various reasons not all will appear here as in some cases I might need to be an “abortion rights ninja” *cryptic face*

Lots of Marching Stamping Angry Love



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