Dear Gratitude

Dear Gratitude,

Today thanks to @britmums I need to write to you to inform you of what I am grateful for. Apparently gratefullness isn’t a word- who knew!

I am actually writing this letter because in publishing my Dear Last Baby? letter it put it next to Dear Abortion Act letter (my blog isn’t really linear I draft and publish things all the time so this was an unexpected un-thought-through juxtaposition that annoyingly I feel uncomfortable about- I shouldn’t, me and my babies is nothing to do with my pro-choice beliefs. However having had anti-choicers have a go at me when pregnant: “Look into your unborn baby’s eyes and tell her you would happily murder her” etc etc. 😦 then I kind of want to separate out my blog a bit) so I decided to write this letter to sandwich between the two  posts. Silly and overthinking (see here for how my overthinking brain usually works) of me I know but a distinction I want to make, even though by telling you all about it renders this sandwich letter defunct anyway! D’oh. “ooh a dear sandwich letter- now there is an idea…..” *brain wanders off on another tangent*

When pondering what I was grateful I was pondering writing that I am grateful that Abortion has been safe and legal for the last 44 years, but to be honest although incredibly important that isn’t what I am most grateful for.

No what I am most grateful for is going to be so sickening so I suggest you don’t read any further. Not without a sickbag at least.

I’m most grateful for Lord Curd,  there I’ve said it *vomits at my own cheesiness*. Without him I wouldn’t have our two awesome little girls, without him I wouldn’t eat (I don’t cook- look what happened when I tried to make boiled eggs), without him I wouldn’t be the most sane and sorted I have ever been which isn’t very coz he is my handsome prince innit, without him I would be lost (As I was a bit this weekend while he was away!).

I have never had a relationship like it before, the man is all kinds of awesome (he doesn’t tend to read my letters blog really so it’s not even like I am lying to make him feel better!), he is kind, honest, generous, selfless, terrifyingly intelligent, funny, organised, hardworking, sensible, and amazing at all sorts of stuff ;). He is just wonderful. *would gush further but I am making even myself queasy now*.

Yes we have rows (including a screaming one at midnight last night as he came in to try and help me get the baby to sleep and I was being stubborn and bloody minded as per usual- nothing like sleep deprivation and parenting to test even the strongest of marriages!) but we always talk through them and sort it out and it is always fine.  We are pretty good at communicating, or I’m good at talking he is good at listening,– it really is a warts and all kind of relationship (even if he wishes sometimes I would talk less about the “warts” to keep the sexytimes alive (metaphorical warts- ahem!). We’ve gone through some very tough times as a couple and I think we are probably stronger for it although it was pretty hellish at the time.

My dad always said I needed to cherish him as he is one in a million, and to be honest sometimes I don’t pull my weight as often as I should in the relationship as it can be too easy to let him do stuff for me (it’s how he has earned himself #besthusbandever hashtag) and another recently split up close friend pointed out that that out of everything the unbalanced nature of their own relationship was what ultimately made their marriage unsustainable 😦 . I don’t want my marriage to be unsustainable, I want it to last until I die from eating all the pies in about 50 years or so.  So today I write to you about how grateful I am for him and tomorrow I will empty the dishwasher and whatnot 😉 . Okay?

Lots of grateful love


P.S Sorry this is a bit of a rambly sandwichy letter- I should probably cut out the  first three paragraphs, but I really am grateful for a woman’s right to safe legal abortion too and it meant I could get 2 gratefuls for the price of one- or something.


2 responses to “Dear Gratitude

  1. Love it. And I managed not to do any sick in my mouth while I read it! He sounds like one helluva catch, even if you did find him in Wetherspoons!!! ;0)

    • haha yeah though he was there to be wingman for a mate at an internet meet that I had organised, he is more an old man pub and cider kinda boy. He doesn’t own a checked shirt. 😉

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