Dear Best Playgroup In The World Ever

Dear Best Playgroup In The World Ever,

Normally Playgroups are the 7th circle of hell, where you try and make small talk with mums you have nothing in common with, and stop your toddler from wrestling the bigger boy to the ground for daring to want a go of the toy she’s been hogging for too much of the session. You continually weakly say “share” and other pointless things your toddler has no concept of, more in an effort to not appear a completely ineffectual mother to the other mums rather than actually caring about your child learning such a concept, as “take turns” is a much better concept but involves more helicopter parenting and intervention and frankly you are too knackered.

Anyhow last year I happened upon this playgroup and it has actually become the highlight of my week, I love it, two hours where I get to chat to like minded honest about parenthood being a bit shit sometimes instead of pretending to be a perfect yummy mummy mums. The two ladies who run it have run it for 15 years- their children are long since grown up but they adore all the toddlers so keep it going. Means there is always a spare hand available to cuddle a baby while you deal with a fallen over toddler or an spare toddler entertainer while you go and deal with the umpteenth poomageddon your tiny baby has somehow produced. The women who go there are frankly awesome, friendly, welcoming, funny, supportive and their kids are all very cute little humans and they all play together mostly nicely until there is a fight about who gets to go in the toddler car next. At this group I don’t even mind the singsong time as the kids go mad for it and there is a lovely sense of solidarity as we all sing the tractor song for the 15th time so every kid gets a colour to jump too.

We get a cup of tea and a biscuit and the kids get a drink and a biscuit and somehow Oddler has perfected the technique of conning extra drinks or biscuits out of the lady in the kitchen simply by hanging round the hatch and being her usual cheeky charming self. It makes us giggle.
Since we moved to this area from London a year ago and I knew no-one, this toddler group has actually saved my sanity in many ways. When pregnant they helped me with Oddler when she was too heavy to carry etc. and now that I have Omblebaby, they help with sanity saving hints and tips and are my extra pair of eyes, incase Oddler tries to perform her usual stunt double actions. I have made a lovely bunch of friends Including this one who offered support by sharing a link to this blog as saw it was a woman going through the same thing (not realising it was me- which made me laugh a lot!)

Anyhow mums, if you are ever struggling a bit, find (or set up) a playgroup like this. It will make an incredible amount of difference. Today is Tuesday and this afternoon I am off to the best playgroup in the world ever, despite being up all night with a baby full of cold, and despite dealing with a very grumpy toddler and husband, I know today will be okay simply because it’s playgroup day. Hurrah!


Love LadyWaxingLyricalAboutAPlaygroupIsNotSomethingIEverExpectedToDoCurd


3 responses to “Dear Best Playgroup In The World Ever

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  2. Brill, you’ve found the support you need to see you through the baby zone – you’re going to be fine. Before you know it your babies will be at school and the broken nights and endless nappies will be a distant memory, honest.

    • until I have accidental #3 when they are both at school. Haha! But at least playgroup is next door to the school 😀

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