Dear Cradle Cap

Dear Cradle Cap (or Cradle Crap as I like to call you),

Please stop being so moreishly pickable as I breastfeed Omble. I shall blame you for making me scalp my daughter.

Yours Sincerely,




5 responses to “Dear Cradle Cap

  1. inagainoutagain

    Dear LadyCurd,

    Ooh, don’t pick Omble’s scalp – it will leave her head all red and sometimes a bit sore in places (on it says it can even cause an infection). And in any case, it comes back. I know, I had the same cradle-cap-picking-while-breastfeeding habit with my little boy. He’s 5 now – he still has what we call “crusty bits”. Apparently cradle cap protects the baby’s head in the first few weeks/months (or years, as in Tommy’s case). So stop picking missy!

    Bossy love,

    Lady Mustard, alias InagainOutagain

    • That is very sensible advice thankyou. Although Oddler has had no problems in 18months and must confess to having a whale of a time picking the chicken pox scabs off her head- harder to find in longer hair- proper chimp grooming that is (didn’t eat the scabs after though).

      • inagainoutagain

        You are truly hardcore and I salute you for it. I too picked at Tommy’s scalp whilst telling myself not to in a repetitive mantra. I am resisting Léonie’s though. It takes every inch of willpower I have. Instead I pick at our dog’s tick bites. I hope you weren’t eating anything whilst reading this.

  2. frolickingfood

    Ha! I hadn’t read this when I had a momentary lapse of self control and blurted out “HOW CAN YOU NOT PICK IT” today.

  3. Ooooh, I bloody love picking Pooh Bear’s Cradle Cap. I was doing just that this afternoon at the Mother-In-Laws. So relaxing *stares dreamily into the distance* Also, breastfed babies must have THE cleanest ears since I am always giving him a little clean out when he has a feed and I admit that Spud’s ears are a little neglected now he is no longer slurping booby milk 😦

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