Dear Babies I Lost

Dear Babies I Lost,

It has been 3years today since my first miscarriage at 10weeks. At the time it felt like my world was ending. Two years later I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost my tube. I wrote about losing you here.

I sometimes think about you babies and what might have been. But both times I was pregnant again within weeks too fertile for my own good, and had I not lost both of you then my Oddler and Omble wouldn’t exist and I really wouldn’t swap them for anything.

That doesn’t mean had you not been the ones to make it instead I would have loved you any less, but it just makes the pain of losing you easier to bear.

I hope you still exist in the ether somehow (and get your Grandpa to look out for you if he is there too) and that one day you will be born to survive somewhere in the world (not to me though sadly apparently we are complete as a family now but I anticipate an accidental 3rd in about 5years)

You would have been awesome kids.
Your loving

MummyAlways Curd


9 responses to “Dear Babies I Lost

  1. Lovely post. I know exactly how you feel. Awful at the time, but as time moves on and realising that the kidlets you have now may not have ever been, it seems to make more sense.

  2. I love that you have somehow turned awfully sad experiences into positives and made me laugh at the end x

  3. Two of mine are with Grandpa too. I feel your pain sista and will never forget the dates, one of them 14th Feb. It feels so desolate and wrong at the time but looking back and knowing and loving The Boy and Baby Girl, it feels right. xx

  4. francespringle

    Tear to my eye! Beautiful! The new ones ease the pain, but the lost ones are never forgotten.

  5. That’s a really lovely piece. My first one would have been due on 14th March 2007. I can’t imagine life without the children I now have, though (did I mention that they’re ace?)

  6. love and hugs to you today and to all the babies who survived and the ones that are still waiting in the wings xxx

  7. Just how I feel – approaching the 3 yr anniversary of my miscarriage and very grateful for the son who came after, but still wish my LO had lived.

  8. Thankyou all for your lovely touching comments. They mean such a lot. xxx

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