Dear Bride

Dear Bride,

This is a bit embarrassing to admit but as a 30year old woman who never wears makeup and calls herself a feminist, I AM SO SO SO EXCITED TO BE YOUR BRIDESMAID NEXT YEAR!!!  I REALLY CANNOT WAIT!

I have never ever been a bridesmaid and I always wanted to be one ever since I was tiny and no-one ever asked me *weeps*.   I really don’t know what has gotten into me but there is probably something to do with dressing up and being a princess to the Queen Bride in there.  I mean I know it might not be quite the same now I have two kids and a mummy tummy but I don’t care, I want taffeta and bouffant and big flouncy dress what a shame you are too cool for school and will pick elegant dresses for us all It honestly will be a dream come true.   That’s really embrassing and obviously I have been brainwashed by the patriachy and what not but I don’t care, I’m a bridesmaid, I’m a bridesmaid, I’M A BRIDESMAID!

If I do half as good a job as you did as bridesmaid at your wedding then I will be a very good bridesmaid indeed (you of course were the most fabulous bridesmaid minion a girl could wish for so I hope to repay the favour and do you justice as you marry the man who will easily compete with LordCurd for the #besthusbandever hashtag).

Love you lots and lots and thank you so much for asking me.

Lots of love


P.S Do you remember when I asked you to be my bridesmaid by the lifts at work and you jumped about 6ft in the air and wouldn’t stop screaming, much to the worry of others around us? I get it now. *starts jumping around and shrieking*

Oh dear! 🙂




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