Dear God, re. Abortion & Miscarriage

Dear God,

I decided I needed to ask you this question directly. The reason being  I don’t want to ask or upset any of my friends who have faith in you because their relationship with you is personal to them, and I respect their faith in you, (although I don’t necessarily share it), and I really don’t want to upset them (or anyone) by asking this particular question.

But ask it I must:

I need you to clarify something for me as I am genuinely confused. The aborted pregnancy rate stands at 28 per 1000 women worldwide but the miscarried pregnancy rate stands at 25% (so it would be- 250 women per 1000 worldwide). Now technically if I believed in you, (which to be quite honest I’m undecided on hedging my bets) and that losing my two babies was “God’s Will”, then doesn’t that um actually make you by far the biggest abortionist of them all? Also if that’s the case why are so many of the anti-choice lobby also fervent believers in you?

I mean surely if they are anti-choice because of they believe in you, then they should then be protesting against you more vehemently than anyone else.   Or they should be anti-choice and not believe in you at all, but to be honest, I am yet to meet someone who is anti-choice who doesn’t also believe in you.   I am finding this state of affairs all rather confusing and it would be very helpful to me if you could clarify it for me.

Yours Faithfully yours (or um probably not unless I receive a satisfactory answer to this question? Sorry and um please don’t send me to hell for asking this question)


P.S This is a genuine ponderance and I don’t mean to be offensive at all it’s just it struck me as somewhat odd.  I possibly should have concentrated more in my RE lessons at school.


17 responses to “Dear God, re. Abortion & Miscarriage

  1. All excellent questions, my only question in response is why are you so apologetic? There is nothing wrong with questioning religion, the only thing wrong is when people don’t ask questions because they’re too scared too. The fact that we live in a society too terrified to ask sensible questions- now THAT’s offensive.

    Kudos x

    • That is very true. I am a big wuss. I hate offending people, I also hate arguments. Trouble is my interests and my job seem to court both people who are easily offended and lots of arguments! ARRGHHH! So I do try and phrase things ultra carefully so as to try and minimise the vitriol in response. 😀

  2. I have questions like this like why if it’s God’s plan did he not plan better and give the baby to the millions of childless couples out there rather than the person who was not ready for parenthood.

    The main religous argument is that God’s plan that they should carry on with the pregnancy and give the child up for adoption to a childless couple. I turn this religous argument around and say that if it was God’s plan that these people are childless so they should remain childless. I totally do not agree with this statement it is really mean but turning the religious argument around really brings it home to how horrible it feels to have God’s plan shoved on you.

    I am a good person because I want to be not because I think it is going to get me into heaven.

    • Brilliant response thankyou, and your last sentence- that’s me too! (well I try to be and when I fudge up, I learn never to do that again! ;))

  3. Here Roy Hattersley seeks to offer an analysis of anti-abortion arguments from a humanist perspective. Or that’s what he says he’s doing. You will note that in actual fact it’s just the perspective of a patronizing twit:
    See also Andrew Brown being a complete and utter wanker on this, with a crushingly moronic and misogynist “utilitarian” argument against abortion:
    Personally, if we’ve got to put up with this, I prefer the usual religious shit.

    • Gawd I read them both. Hmmm Am too tired to comment properly at mo other than to say- neither seem to respect women particularly. I agree- feck non religious antichoice arguments are just as bad! I think I have just got hardline about about this- forcing a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term and to give birth to it is barbaric. End of. I’m just thinking about my brain at height of postnatal PTSD before it got sorted- I genuinely would have rather died then be forced to labour again back then, and a dead pregnant me would be a dead baby anyway. So sod off men with no understanding of the impact of pregnancy and birth on women. HUMPH.

  4. as a woman of faith, this is my take.
    Its not Gods will or plan for there to be any suffering in the world, especially not of babies and children. but we have free will, we do as we please, if God pushed his will on us all, then im sure we would all believe in him we would only worship him, because all we would know is his plan, it is my belief that Jesus weeps for every child wither they are desperatly wanted or not.

    and if you have questions you shouldnt be afraid to ask them, i dont have many answers. and in saying that its taken me a while to build up the courage to reply to your question. (and i think for anyone to say to any person thats sufferd in any way thats its “gods will” is neither a person of faith or a christian)

    • Thankyou very much for having the courage to reply and share your beliefs. Personally I find the lack of answers and all the different interpretations of different religions and faiths by individual people, utterly mind boggling, which is why I prefer to stick to science and things that can be proven, but I really appreciate your time to respond. I need to go to sleep now, but I may have some questions in the morning when I have slept on it!

  5. There’s also the Christopher Hitchens atheist pro-life argument (dealt with by Katha Pollitt here, which (as I understand it) boils down to “ladies, we need to consider the possibility that you’re not bright enough to take care of yourselves”.

    • Unfortunately can’t find the original as link won’t work but I think she refuted it pretty well!

  6. Addenda: that column by Andrew Brown (who I like as a chap) is murderously cold about the lives and deaths of women who need abortions (and seek them whether or not they are legal and safe) and children in care, as well as grotesquely misleading about the financial impetus of abortion providers (clue: BPAS and Marie Stopes are *charities*). The Hattersley one is just a big cloud of fuzzy ignorance.

  7. Good question. I was shocked that something as horrible as a miscarriage could happen to me. It was the sort of thing which happened to other people. I haven’t been able to make sense of it all (probably never will) but I don’t believe it was God’s will. I don’t think it’s a case of God controlling every event, engineering everything.

  8. Don’t know why you worried about asking a perfectly logical and valid question. Another good question I would like to ask, if not of God then of a vocal proportion of Christian believers, is, “If marriage, as you argue, is to create children in a necessarily heterosexual relationship, and otherwise should not be called marriage or treated as such (they mean gays really of course), should we get divorced after 43 years of a good marriage because I am no longer fertile?”

    • Oooh now that is a good question! &likewise shouldn’t infertile couples not be allowed to marry?
      (I think I was more worried about antichoicers heaping vitriol on me as I have experienced in past so I find by being extra careful in how you state questions such as this means less likely to get the really angry ones- let’s face it – I am a big WUSS!)

  9. kathythesane

    Well said, and well done. Have Pressed, Tweeted and will now share of Faceache.
    Have a good weekend.

  10. I have read that the actual ‘spontaneous abortion’ rate (yes, that is the medical term) is 60 in a hundred, with women often thinking they are just having a very heavy period when they are actually miscarrying (much better not to realise if you ask me). After bleeding, miscarriage is the most common ‘complication’ of pregnancy. Cathy

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