Dear Cold Feet

Dear Cold Feet,

This is a letter to literal you not metaphorical you. Metaphorical you doesn’t happen so much in my life thankfully- decision making is a skill I am mastering.

Anyhow literal you, I had taken myself off to bed with Omble to feed and sleep but the blocks of ice on the end of my legs, prevented me from entering slumberland. I hate it when you do that to me.

I was so cross with you cold feet, but too tired to go and get some socks on. I did contemplate using the baby as a hot water bottle but one of my followers is a social worker, so I thought better of it.

Anyhow with hindsight you did me a favour cold feet. Thankfully you have prevented me sleeping through going to pick up Oddler from nursery! Ooops I had forgotten I needed to!

Thank heavens I remembered- So for once cold feet I don’t hate you as much as I usually do!

Love LadyPuttingHerThermalSocks&BootsOn&


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