Dear Sex Positive Parenting

Dear Sex Positive Parenting,

So Yesterday writing Dear Slut, I realised that “Sex Positive Parenting” is something I want to do for my kids, and it is something I have written a lot about (here, here, here and here and I have many more draft letters that need finishing off and publishing) .  I realised that there are lots of parents (many of whom are blogging friends) who are also trying to do the same.

I thought wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could set up some kind of collaborative sex positive parenting blog where we could all share experiences of all the different aspects of being a sex positive parent- share the positivity, the pitfalls, the unexpected.  I thought this would be a resource that I would want to read and to learn from but there isn’t really anything like that out there- just lots of one off blog posts about sex positive parenting, so um I set one up and it’s here:

We already have 10 contributors but I want more!  It’s early days and the name probably needed more thought (too late now- soz!), and I still have a lot to learn about collaborative blogging (I can’t change my avatar on the blog for a start- grrrr!) but I hope that over time this blog will grow as people share their ideas, their experiences, their knowledge and learning.

So if you haven’t already- please check out the blog and please join us an contribute.

Lots of love



3 responses to “Dear Sex Positive Parenting

  1. inagainoutagain

    Dear LadyCurd, You are, quite simply, utterly brilliant. Love, Lady Mustard (alias Inagainoutagain) x x x

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