Dear Tampon String

Dear Tampon String,

Today you have caused hilarity, my friend informed me her 3 year old saw her tampon string in the shower. Her daughter was convinced Mummy has a balloon up there. Haha Brilliant! My friend explained it was something ladies used, and since she was happy with that level of explanation and, not wanting to scare her toddler just yet about the monthly bleeding (although her 5year old knows all about it), her Mum left it at that for the time being. Perfect age and stage appropriate sex education if you ask me.

This reminded me of when I was a toddler and saw my mum’s tampon string and was told “it’s something to do with making babies” which confused me more than anything else. I thought that a tampon was some kind of plug and when you pulled it out then the babies could start popping out again. Clearly I had a rudimentary albeit erroneous understanding of contraception from a young age!

So dear tampon string you cause a befuddlement for toddler’s everywhere. How do other mother’s explain you? As I’m breastfeeding, not a conversation I need to worry about for a good while until the old menstruation resumes but I have a modern eco dilemma, no tampon string but how the feck am I going to explain a mooncup full of blood to a toddler!? Seriously anyone got any advice for that situation?

Lots of period and discharge talking love,

LadyCurd (for once my name needs no further additions)

Dear Tampon String


2 responses to “Dear Tampon String

  1. I never saw the string, but I remembered seeing “crystals” in the water every few weeks. Eventually, I asked my Mum what they were and why they appeared cyclically and she said “I don’t know.”

    Of course you can’t brazen it out in the case of a blue string coming out of your body.

    (It was the plastic around the tampon that she disposed of in the bowl, btw. Worked it out YEARS later.)

  2. For years I carried about a confusion regarding their use. Clearly at a tender age I had picked up that they were something to do with ‘mummy having blood out of her’. And at some stage I also knew that ‘mummy has to have an operation because she has blood coming out of her bottom and it’s sore (haemorrhoids)’. So I think for a long time I thought tampax went in the bottom. I’d never looked that closely at where mum was putting them, and I don’t think I’d even particulary cared were the string came from. And although I knew my ‘fanny’ was different to my brother/my daddy’s willy, I’m certain I had no idea there was a HOLE there (despite ‘giving birth’ being my favourite page of the body book…I think I assumed babies came out the urethra!!)

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