Dear Feminism Lite

Dear Feminism Lite,

I have a close friend who is a lesbian, if you were to apply an offensive “lesbian stereotype” checklist between me and her (as if such an thing existed), then I am WAY WAY more “lesbian” than she is I mean apart from the crucial fact I’m not one, but details details. This led us to joking that she is um Lesbian Lite. As she honestly does not fit any stereotype at all, which is fab as I love a stereotype challenger, she’s an amazing role model methinks.

Anyhow this friend is also a passionate feminist. She leads groups and protests and devotes hours of her time to it, she is a proper inspiration. She is so passionate about feminism she has even changed her surname from her father’s surname to an adaptation of her grandmother’s so her surname wasn’t of a patriachal lineage.

So I was chatting to her yesterday and in classic LadyCurd “not thinking before I speak” fashion, I pointed out that she maybe “lesbian lite” but she is most definitely a full fat feminist*. Thankfully she laughed (and she isn’t fat at all btw!)

But um anyhow I guess what I am trying to say is I suppose there is a Feminism Lite movement too, and I guess I’m currently pondering which version I will “plump” for (pun intended). I’m definitely getting angrier and less Lite anyhow. Plus the Lite versions always taste crap and are disappointing in comparison.

Check me out- going from being a bit sheepish about my feminism to a bit strident about it! Tis a journey innit.


P.S does this mean I have to go read “Fat is a Feminist Issue now?”

*in the unlikely event someone really doesn’t get this letter at all and I get shouted at for calling Feminists fat or something- to clarify the opposite of Lite or Diet fizzy drinks are generally termed “Full Fat Versions” (which is daft as they don’t have any fat in them at all but half a ton of sugar).


6 responses to “Dear Feminism Lite

  1. Oh I have the same internal debate! I sort of agree with rad-fems, that porn is either simulated or actual sexual abuse and that prostitution is rape (even “YAY prostitution!” people like Belle de Jour get the hell out as soon as they can).

    Even in cases were sex workers are happy, they are still giving “consent” in exchange for money, they won’t let you donate blood/organs for cash because that skews the consent balance too much.

    So, I’m not sure.

    I think in the end, even though there are definitely forms of sex work which are non-rapey, too many of them *are* and it’s not always distinguishable if the person being raped has to act like she/he consented to stay alive.

    I guess it’s like people who are vegetarians because of objections about the way animals are raised… they know there is “happy meat” available but they still don’t want to take the chance.

  2. I have seen her porn. I lived with some film makers and they had the idea “Let’s make porn for women!” so we watched loads together while my friends researched. Her porn was about as unerotic as it gets. Sure, there was a *relationship* story line at the start (girls LOVE that, right?), but once the wang came out, it was business as usual: the bored glazed faces of someone dissociating from what is being done to them.

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