Dear Normal Prognosis

Dear Normal Prognosis,

Well actually I mean Dear Oddler but this is a post script to yesterday’s Dear Oddler letter, that I forgot to add.

I forgot to add that Oddler was given a normal prognosis when she was discharged by the hospital at 5months.

What does this even mean?

Normal to me implies top of the peak of the bell curve, the top of the normal distribution hill.   I’m afraid my darling Oddler is anything but normal, but that has absolutely bugger all to do with her start in life, and is all to do with her and how awesome and insane she is.  I often describe her as a complete mentalist, and she is.  The name Oddler the Toddler didn’t arise out of nowhere you know!  We’ve already established she is a Mini-Me (click link to see how scarily similar we are!) and as I have been told by many people “I’ve never met anyone quite like you before” (I AM taking that as a compliment btw!) then I reckon I know exactly where she gets it from.

If anything Oddler has far far exceeded her “normal prognosis” in many different ways and Nature or Nurture, Oddler isn’t ever going to be simply “normal” and I think she’s wonderful.

Lot’s of Love


P.S  Given the topic I thought I would add this one to the Define Normal BlogHop

3 responses to “Dear Normal Prognosis

  1. She’s well funky! (embarrassing mum thing to say – but then I am adopting her, remember?)
    My youngest was very ill when he was tiny. At his last check-up it was observed that his tummy was now “unremarkable”. It sodding well isn’t! It’s bloody ace!
    Following his car-park birth and subsequent illness, we do tend to think of him as the drama-queen child, perhaps unfairly. Yesterday, while watching Star Wars (again), he announced “I want be on dark side”. It was somehow not a surprise.

    • Haha your littlest sounds ace! Yes it’s funny how experiences of illnesses can affect your perception of a child – we think Oddler is a bit of an attention seeker (in a nice way)- always has to do it the hard way, she’s a fighter- In fact we often call her Oddler Danger Curd. Danger is her middle name. I think she may end up being a marine.

  2. Nothing like celebrating the genetic freakiness that we pass on to our children. It’s what makes them interesting! Thanks for adding it to the blog hop

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