Dear French Bombshells

Dear French Bombshells,

Ooh La La!  Finally thanks to the lovely @Thegreenelk, I have completed my quest for the Woman in my Avatar, and look she has some friends!

These pictures were shared with permission from this original post.

I’m so glad I found her and her friends.  Now I want a large framed photo of her for my house.  So that is my latest #ladycurdquest.

Lots of Love



3 responses to “Dear French Bombshells

  1. These are utterly fabulous. Very much ‘my kind of thing’, being a history spod with a love for all things vintage/pin-up/rockabilly!

  2. inagainoutagain

    Can I bung a picture in here? Probably not. Just found a photo of a couple of Xavier Sager statuettes – they look like 20’s feminists with their tits out. Damn, can’t add a photo.

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