Dear Proportionate Build

Dear Proportionate Frame,

When being interviewed as witness to a serious crime the policeman interviewing you wrote about you “5Ft 9 and of proportionate build”, whereas LordCurd got “6Ft1 and slim build”. Now was this policeman trying to say you were 5ft 9 tall and 5Ft 9 wide!? Because that is how you took it at the time.

Which was silly.

What he probably was trying to say was 5Ft9 and “no skinny minny”, which you aren’t, but you also aren’t fat either. You are in fact proportionate. So the policeman was correct!

You are now desperate to know how a policeperson would euphemistically describe an obese person when interviewing them!?

Answers on a postcard.



5 responses to “Dear Proportionate Build

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  2. I know it is a little different but as a podiatrist, when we were students and had to present a patient case to a tutor sometimes we would describe an obese patient as having excessive adipose tissue because so many would become offended if you used the term “obese”! Now I just say obese!

  3. Large build: bigger?

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