Dear Tiger Who Came to Tea

Dear Tiger Who Came to Tea,
You are my daughter’s favourite book.  She decided to “read” you to me tonight so I decided to record it including the pushy mum bit where you here me say “go!”. 

Okay so she can’t actually read but I am sure you will agree she got the really crucial parts to the story, I’m impressed she remembered them especially as she was massively overtired so she was making less sense and slurring her words more than normal:

“I’m very hungry”
“Ate More”
“All cup of tea”
“Glug glug glug”
“In kitchen,”
“get all cupboard”
“Get all daddy beer”
“Goodbye, take care”
“Sophie and Mummy in Water now”
“Daddy come home”
“and sophie go and walk and get ah eh chips”
“Tiger Food”
In fact dear Tiger, if we buy you some Tiger food will you come and visit me and Oddler? (we are way cooler than Sophie and her Mummy and Daddy stuck in completely horribly stereotypical gender roles, and um do you know why Sophie wasn’t at school that day, she looks at least 4!?)
Lot’s of Love
Oddler’s MummyCurd

P.S Her version of the story is 2mins 41 seconds long.  You don’t have to listen but I wanted to record it here for posterity!


4 responses to “Dear Tiger Who Came to Tea

  1. cuuuuuuuuute! she’s especially sweet when she laughs a little after saying ‘get all daddy beer’.

  2. Oh wow, one to play at her wedding! This is my daughter’s favourite too, though I haven’t recorded her reading it! I’m sure it’s full of subliminal messages, just haven’t worked out what yet….

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