Dear Cup Of Tea

Dear Cup of Tea,

Just made one of you and was reminiscing over my dad’s insistence for “one teabag two cups” which is very very different from two girls one cup, DON’T GOOGLE.

Making my mum and dad a cup of tea in the morning it always had to be one teabag per two cups of tea. My dad liked his tea weaker than my mum did, so her cup got the teabag first. It became a family tradition that whenever I was home for a weekend I would make them their “one teabag two cups” cuppas (and I always had a hot choc) and I would perch on the end of the bed drinking them and catching up. It was lovely.

If my dad came to stay with me, he would insist on the “one teabag two cups” rule even though we are a “one tea bag per cup” household. He thought we were so decadent and wasteful. He may have had a point. I have worked out the average cost of a teabag is 2p.  If you consider my mum and dad probably had five “one teabag two cups” everyday during the course of their 34year marriage then that is £1241 compared to £2482 if they hadn’t done that. Mega savings!

If no-one else wanted a cup of tea when my dad did, he would put the teabag somewhere safe for later, usually in another clean cup by the kettle, and would go mad if anyone cleared it away thinking it was just mess.   As he kept losing saved teabags in this manner he then took to making himself two cups of tea at a time and microwaving the cold second when he next fancied a cuppa.  Now microwaved tea is just minging so I draw the line at enacting the “one teabag two cups” rule if just me having a cup of tea but I actually think it could be quite sweet (and penny pinching money saving) if I adopted the “One teabag two cups” rule for me and LordCurd. It would be really romantic.  I love him enough to share my teabag with him. Or something.

It would be a nice way to remember my Dad and his love of tea, my mum and being a miser anyhow!

So dear Cup of Tea, I must ask you this,  how many teabags (or fractions thereof) do you like in an optimum cup of you?

Lot’s of Love



The white is the reflection of the sky and the clouds, in my cup. Poetic.


5 responses to “Dear Cup Of Tea

  1. One bag:one cup here.

    Unless I am drinking out of my travel mug (which is all the time with The Son being so young and needing to eat whenever the kettle clicks) in which case it’s two bags:one cup.

    However, in my defence it’s nearly 2x the size of a normal mug, and takes me about 3x as long to get to finish it !

  2. Rebecca Carruthers

    What a good idea! Plus, a lovely way to remember your Dad everytime you make a cup of tea. I am sure he would be rubbing his hands in ‘I told you so’ satisfaction!

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