Dear Foreign Couple in Love on the Tube

Dear Foreign Couple in Love on the Tube,

I noticed you yesterday as I was off to my important work meeting wearing Omble in a wrap.  You were probably in your mid to late 30’s and completely wrapped up in each other, you kept whispering to each other, giggling and holding hands. It was really lovely to see.  Normally I am not a fan of public displays of affection (I am writing a letter to my prudish side which will publish at somepoint!) but this was different. It wasn’t smutty or snogging- you had a wonderful genuine warmth and passion for each other.

As you went to get off the tube the man noticed Omble, smiled and said something to his partner in whatever language it was. She laughed and said to me. “He said lets us have a another baby, we have three!”. I laughed and said “good luck with that!”, but afterwards I couldn’t stop smiling about it.  I’m guessing you were on a romantic break away from the kids for a few days and I loved how you were giving your adult relationship some valuable time and that you were still so clearly very very much in love even after 3 kids!  In fact I am smiling now as I write this.  I hope Lord Curd and I can be as happy as you are, however many kids we end up having.   I am definitely going to book us on a romantic weekend break away too now for when I finish breastfeeding Omble (maybe a year away at the minute!).

Thank you for reminding me how important it is to invest time and space into your marriage away from the day to day mayhem of being parents.  I hope you have a wonderful romantic holiday (and maybe even try for that 4th! ;))

Lots of happy love



2 responses to “Dear Foreign Couple in Love on the Tube

  1. Alison Riches

    Aww…that really did make me smile! So romantic!’s hoping we all remember to take time out for our other halves:-)


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