Dear Blog Journey

Dear Blog Journey

Tonight I am pondering where you are taking me now. What amuses me is this letter is pretty much one that most blogs I ever read also include at some point or another! ARGH!

There must be a blogging journey with an obligatory checklist:

  • write a really boring post you are embarrassed to publish but you can’t think of anything else to say, and you HAVE to say something in case you lose people’s interest.
  • write a post that unexpectedly goes a bit viral but you are not entirely sure why as it isn’t nearly as good as that other one. The one you wish that one had gone a bit viral, that one is cool, even if no-one else cares.
  • write a post that you later regret and then have a big debate about deleting or rewriting or leaving it as it is.
  • write a post that overshares but check first with other people it mentions. They aren’t happy so you then have a debate about pressing publish, because you don’t want to upset anyone but you also thought it was funny/important and you really want to share it.
  • write a post that makes you feel like a sellout whoring yourself for your blogstats but try and convince yourself you are better than that and your post is somehow different because you don’t do XY or Z like other some bloggers do.
  • write a post that passively aggressively digs at someone else who you know reads your blog even if they are probably too thick to pick up its ABOUT THEM you.
  • What other ones have I missed off? What Happens next?

So dear blog, lots of things to think about. I started you because I was missing someone I wrote to a lot everyday, it filled a hole, it also helped me massively dealing with my grief at losing my dad. I love having a space to rant about issues that are important to me, and to just rant whilst on maternity leave loving my kids but bored out of my brain. A space to share the funny things in my life and how I see the world.

Where do I want this blog to go? Am I a Mummy Blogger? I doubt it will ever win a “mummy blogging” award or the Orwell Prize 😉 because it’s probably not “mummy bloggy” enough. (Well I talk about my kids a lot- but apart from that I blog instead of paying them any attention and my boiled egg recipe was a fucking disaster. Oh and I say fucking a lot- instead of like you know censoring myself so I can keep in with the head honchos of the said mummy blogging awards. Oh and I sometimes talk about about Abortion and important stuff. Apparently head honchos at mummy bloggers central don’t like that. It’s controversial or something. (This is only going on fact not one of them RT’d this letter which I was genuinely surprised at- having RT’d others and I naively thought a impassioned plea to celebrate being a “Pro choice Mummy” post might be interesting to other mums. Nope, but who the heck do I think I am? Anne Widecome? Although having said all that this blog was once proudly Mumsnet Blog of the week so maybe I should embrace it! )

I guess really just want a space to record my life and my thoughts in a way that is more interactive and fun than a diary. I really don’t ever want to earn money from my blog from advertising or sponsored posts as its just not really me, but then who knows if I got offered a cool new thrush treatment or something then it might be rude not too! ;). I guess if I am honest, I, like every other blogger, want some publisher or other to read my blog and go “wow you have a way with words- lets commission you to write a book!”. I have already had professional work published nationally (and as a result I now know the Welsh for anal sex- don’t ask! and yes I am showing off- about the publishing not about knowing the Welsh for anal sex- although the latter knowledge is great for dinner parties or something*) and a few other options are coming up but I really want to write funny entertaining stuff not work stuff (although I do love my job and writing about it). Sadly if I am totally honest I probably don’t have the talent for fiction writing, rereading my attempt for Nanowrimo, it needs ALOT of work and even then it is complete chicklit. I am a snob- I never want a book published in an insipid pastel shade with a skinny cartoon woman striding along in heels with matching handbag. Sigh.

So I guess I just want to keep rambling on in my letters to anyone and everything, but I have got a bit stuck on one of the above points in my blogging journey, and whilst pondering how to navigate myself though it, the maxim is to write about it right?




P.S I needn’t really have written this post- could have just copied and pasted one of the million near identical ponderances in every blog more than a couple of months old. Sorry to be so boring. Sigh.

P.P.S *not THAT kind of dinner party!


2 responses to “Dear Blog Journey

  1. I love your letter blog posts, it’s something different…

  2. Ah thank you 🙂 I enjoy writing them just trip myself up with the overthinking now and again!

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