Dear Extreme Breastfeeding

Dear Extreme Breastfeeding,

I have now breastfed my daughters in the following *extreme* locations

  • On a moving bus -standing up!
  • On a long walk – whilst walking with hands free (thanks to @Consumatechaos‘ borrowed wrap I have now finally mastered feeding in a sling!)- We went to the park- I should have gone on the slide, climbing frame and swings too add the the *extreme* 😉
  • On a crowded London tube- takes tube passengers not making eye contact to a whole new level!
  • In the car? I have vague recollection of leaning over Oddler in the carseat and sticking a boob in while H drove but I think I must be imagining it as I’m sure I wouldn’t be that stupid, plus the angle must have been impossible! Maybe I tried for about a second til we realised we had to stop as it wasn’t gonna work at all!
  • On a Saturday in a very busy shoe section of a popular ladies clothes shop.
  • At a meeting full of the top honchos for my sector- ie. very very important people I needed to impress as it was the first time I was meeting them.
  • At a wedding.
  • During my dad’s funeral wake.
  • Breastfeeding at a pro-choice demo, standing on a triangular traffic island with busy traffic
    driving all around me!
  • And I think my ultimate has to be yesterday- breastfeeding sat in the middle of a road on a T-Junction, holding the toddler to stop her running into the road as the Olympic Torch went past!

Forget extended breastfeeding, extreme breastfeeding is where it’s at.

So what would be the most extreme place to breastfeed? Your answers on a comment postcard.

Lots of Love


P.S I’m pondering proper extreme breastfeeding- you know like bungee jumping or hang gliding or spelunking (spelunking is the best word ever!) but um given I would be a bit scared to do all of those myself let alone with a tiny baby I think that level of extreme breastfeeding is not for me- although I wonder if taking the baby to feed in Wookey Hole Caves would count?


9 responses to “Dear Extreme Breastfeeding

  1. In front of that Good Men Project man who only likes “small-breasted women”. He might faint or something (sorry, I appear to have got completely obsessed with the Good Men Project now!).

    • Haha yeah I tweeted them the link to the other letter today. Of course they will immediately print a retraction and say they realise how they hate to be objectified by the size of their cocks.

  2. I feed BabyGeek on the scenic railway – the steepest incline railway in the world. I was shitscared!

  3. I felt quite “extreme” on a boat, on the beach and in a library (hey we were quiet!!) I wanna follow you on Twitter – whats your username?

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  5. I always think of this photo as pretty extreme Breastfeeding 😀

  6. On a boat, whilst walking around Tesco doing my shopping, and my personal ‘favourite’… in my back to work meeting with my boss. That wasn’t awkward at all. Much.

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