Dear 4month Sleep Regression

Dear 4month Sleep Regression,

It is well known that babies go through a period of regressing to sleeping like a newborn at 4months old due to their brain making lots of developmental leaps at this time. (It’s partly why weaning used to be at 4months as people assumed it meant baby was hungry).

Now the word regression implies sleep was ok but it got worse. You only have to read these letters to see how not good Omble’s sleep has been since she was born. In fact her best periods of sleep were probably when she was a newborn until she was about 6weeks old.

So to be honest I would welcome a regression to her sleeping like a newborn. But in last two nights the unthinkable has happened, her sleep has gone from quite shit to utterly shit. Waking every 40mins. I have seen every hour each night. Thank heavens we co-sleep. Physically not another option at the moment.

So yes, unfortunately it turned it it was possible for her sleep to get even worse so it is a regression of sorts but not back to the newborn sleep bliss I hoped for.

Whoever coined the phrase “sleeping like a baby” had not met Omble.


Lots of Love




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