Dear “I’m not 12 soundtrack”

Dear “I’m not 12 soundtrack”,

Last night while snuggled up with LordCurd in the spare room single bed* listening to music on shuffle, waiting for Omble to wake up for her next feed, Elliot Smith- the Biggest Lie came on.

Being squidged up in a single bed listening to that song, it took me back to a time seven years ago, having just started dating LordCurd, hanging out in his attic bedroom in Cambridge, hot summer afternoons, a blow up double bed with a lime green sheet (because his single bed sagged and creaked 😉 ). Walls full of revision post it notes stuck on them, rippling in the breeze. Sitting with him in my hot stuffy tiny Renault 5, drinking cups of tea on single yellows in the hot afternoons on my way back from work just because we wanted to see each other but the parking restrictions didn’t lift for another three hours and there was no-where to park.  The traffic warden smiling and saying “not you again” whenever she saw us, and I had to move on. The punting in the Cam, the giggling piggy back rides on Parker’s piece, the lying at night under a tree adorned twinkling white fairy lights at my May ball. Heck we actually were love’s young dream.

I was reminiscing all this with LordCurd, “Did you think back then, we’d ever end up here with two kids?”, “No”.  The music changed- it was jarring – the memories were fading and reality was coming back, I asked LordCurd to play some other songs from that time, did he not have a playlist!?  “No- I’m not twelve”.

Well sod it. I AM twelve, and here for your delight is my “I fell properly deeply irrevocably in love for the first time ever playlist” also known as the “I’m not twelve and I married a grumpy bugger soundtrack”

This soundtrack is making me smile and remember those magical times.

Seven year itch. What itch?


Loads of soppy slushy making the kids cringe love

LadyToHerLordCurdbut like totally not in a subordinate way- equal partnership and all that, I’m a feminist and whatnot

*P.S. LordCurd is in said single bed in spare room until Omble stops co-sleeping- read these letters and don’t hold your breath. Missing him.

Paris 2006   Tiny Pic as too cheesy to be any bigger.


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