Dear Amazing Mummy

Dear Amazing Mummy,


Have another sticker.

Love LordCurd (“GuestPost”*)

P.S From LadyCurd- originally this letter didn’t take the sticker chart quite in the spirit which it was intended. I added a P.S to the original but I decided in the end to rewrite it how I should have taken it, coz it’s my blog and I can rewrite history like that if I want too. Also since I earned another sticker 😉 I can now continue gathering evidence of being an amazing mummy if social services ever pop by. *preens*

*P.P.S This is a lie, LadyCurd wrote it.


8 responses to “Dear Amazing Mummy

  1. Alison Riches

    Hmmmm..aside from ‘leave the bastard’ may I suggest a ‘husband card’ complete with stickers?!


    • Annoyingly he already has hashtag #besthusbandever his card would be full in no time. I have added a P.S to my post as I feel really mean now!

  2. I would, of course, deliberately be very naughty if I were you (not in a rude way. Just in a very annoying way).
    Plus, can I take the opportunity here to express some annoyance with MY partner? Last night I moaned like hell on the phone about housework and kids and being left on my own and his parents dropping round uninvited, getting the kids all excited then buggering off so no one would sleep etc.etc. etc. I was genuinely very fed up. So then I got drunk (and, um, blogged about it – may have to remove another post). But then I mentioned this on the phone this morning and he said “yeah, I could tell you were drunk when you called last night”. But I wasn’t! I hadn’t even started then! I was just cross and obviously he’d already tuned out, thinking “yeah, yeah, she’s just off her face so doesn’t mean a word of it”! Argh!
    You have the reward chart, I’m off to get wasted. It’s not as though those closest to me can notice the difference…

  3. LordCurd is upset it wasn’t taken in the spirit it was intended which was to show how much he appreciates me. Now I feel bad. May have to do some rude stuff to get me on the naughty step now. 😉
    Off to read your drunken blogging now

  4. inagainoutagain

    I am very jealous of your Amzazing Mummy chart. I would very much like one too. In fact, the way you describe him, I would very much like LordCurd to adopt me as his second wife.

    • I think he would very much like that idea. First wife being in bad books for not immediately taking said sticker chart in lovely way it was intended.

      The French always have “commune this” and “commune that” am assuming we can move over and live with you and yours in a free love kinda way? X

      • inagainoutagain

        Oh yay. Now François Hollande is in, it’s practically the law to all live together in a free love kinda way. Mais oui. Vive l’amour! Vive Lord Produit-du-Lait-Caillé! (curd in French) Vive la vie!

  5. I checked with him. He is DEFINITELY up for the idea. Looking up flights as we speak. x

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