Dear Oddler’s Nursery Keyworker

Dear Oddler’s Nursery Keyworker,

Thank you so much for telling me Oddler banged her head while you were changing her nappy today, you clearly felt awful about it. I probably shouldn’t have said breezily “oh don’t worry about it at all, we’ve done far worse to her at home, she banged into a fireplace once” (thank heavens I chose that anecdote and not the time I accidental dislocated her elbow!). I was trying to make you feel better about accidentally bashing my daughter about, but given that you gave me the “possible child protection red flag” look then perhaps I shouldn’t have bothered!

One day I will learn to think before I speak. Anyhow rest assured there are no child protection concerns at Curd Hall, but I’m glad you are vigilant. I shall aim to actually brush Oddler’s hair and wash her face tomorrow so the “possible neglect” query gets erased. Oh and I had probably better not mention that tonight I fed her fromage frais that was a week out of date and didn’t chop up her grapes. Sigh.

Anyhow Oddler adores you, and thank you for being so lovely with her and please hold off the social services referral just yet.

Many thanks


P.S and I know last week she “sold” her shoes at nursery, but honestly it wasn’t to buy toddler crack (cake), or to support her family honest, apparently I misunderstood – she gave them to someone to hold and they got lost but her speech isn’t quite there yet- which is also why I thought tonight she had sat on the nursery’s baby chicks and not simply patted them. Just a misunderstanding.


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